Our team is not only our family here at Turnkey, but they are also the center of our system and how we keep a personal touch on your new home.

Jeremy Melancon

Client Relations, Design Consultant, and Owner of Turnkey Metal Buildings

If you are thinking of designing and building a new custom home or barndominium, we would greatly appreciate the opportunity to help you start off in the right direction!

Statistically, changing residence or building a home, ranks very high on most lists of stressful activities. At Turnkey we are on a mission to take as much stress off of the homeowner with a system designed to support you. Sadly, many of our customers have stories of their own or close friends and family that have had a bad experience building their new home. It has taken years of dreaming to get to the point of finally building your custom home and we want to be here to keep that dream from becoming a nightmare. Some of the biggest concerns are of quality of workmanship, getting the contractor to build or design what YOU want, instead of what the contractor wants to build, making sure your hard-earned money actually goes where it is supposed to go, and the home you expect is the home you get without a mountain of change orders!

All that being said, if you have concerns about choosing a partner to build your home, we understand. We have created a system to make your custom home design and build as smooth as possible for your family and our team. It is our goal to adapt and update our system as we grow and keep the same face-to-face experience that our previous clients have come to love. Our past customers are our biggest advocates.

Tony Denman

Tony is an Owner of Turnkey and leverages his 40+ Years of experience to each of our customers during the construction phase.

Tony is your go-to guy from start to finish on all of our homes. He makes sure that the quality that is associated with the Turnkey brand is delivered each and every time. All of our team members look to Tony to make sure the finished product is exactly what it should be.

His talents are best shown when he is lending his experience to our owners during walkthroughs or decisions to be made about how to get exactly what you want in your home, all while not compromising integrity or quality. You will be happy you met Tony!

Bobby Melancon

Bobby is your first connection with us here at Turnkey. He has been in the sales industry since 1989 and specializes in scheduling those first important meetings where we can come together and listen to exactly what YOU want and need in your home.

After these meetings, if we fit with you and your needs, Bobby can walk you through the process of designing, budgeting, and scheduling your dream home into a reality.

Once the designing, financing, and scheduling are all worked out, he will introduce you to our project managers and check-in with design selections and anything you need along the way.

Malcom Allen

Malcom has experience getting the job done. We have a saying, “If you want something done right, give it to Malcom”.

We couldn’t ask for anyone better to produce a Turnkey product and represent our brand and reputation, better than him.

Malcom is a job superintendent and will make sure the job stays on schedule and the work that is agreed upon is performed exactly as everyone expects.

Markay Carmeans

With the actual project getting covered by the above team, someone has to keep all these accounts straight!

Markay meticulously manages all of our accounts and makes sure that contractors and suppliers are paid in full, on-time, every time. YOU are our biggest asset, and the only way we can provide you with the level of service we promise is to have a great relationship with suppliers and contractors. Nothing strengthens those relationships more than prompt payment!

Whenever you are looking for a partner in building, make sure they have a clear system of how the progress payments will be paid out, to make sure your dream home is clear of liens as soon as your finished.