We specialize in designing, developing, and building investment property that works for you!

Having developed our own multi-family properties, we have years of trial and error experience for you to leverage when designing your portfolio.

As an investor, you can rest assured that not only do we understand the development process you will be going through, but we can speak the investor language as well.


The picture on the top of this page features an eye-catching six-plex built for student housing. The curb appeal is important, but what type depends on your prospective residents. Everything we design has the resident in mind as well as the investor.

After all, the most expensive thing for a landlord is turnover. Resident retention is high on the list of any investors seeking steady cashflow. We use quality fixtures, with a budget in mind, designed to give your residents a great living experience while they live in your properties.

investment property living room texas

Using quality fixtures and furnishings like granite countertops or tile flooring, cuts way down on the maintenance and turnover costs, without breaking the budget. We also use readily available selections, where they can be bought and replaced without a huge hassle.

In this picture, you will find an example of one of our units. This unit has tall ceilings, tile flooring, and granite countertops to give the resident a great home to live in, with a low maintenance impact.

Barndominium style homes work great for investment properties, due to their low maintenance exteriors. No exterior painting or rotten fascia boards, just power wash them and change the locks.

When designing your investment property it is of utmost importance that all of the details are ironed out on the front in, so that you have a comprehensive plan of what all the costs associated will be.

Hidden costs can turn a positive cash flowing concept, into a real-life nightmare when you get too far into a project. Work with someone who understands how to DO THE MATH on rental real estate.


Contact Turnkey today so that we can schedule an appointment so we can start designing your property today!

What Our Customers Say

Turnkey did a beyond fantastic job and worked efficiently to construct my building! Jeremy helped me design and re-design my building with his insight and vision until I had crafted the exact floor plan I was looking for. They were very good communicators not only in scheduling and keeping me up to date, but also in preparing for the next phase of building so they could continue the process smoothly. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering a small shed to huge barndominium. They do incredible work… just look at the pictures!!

Riley Smith

Me and my husband can’t sing enough praises about working with Turnkey! We loooooove our house and the guys at Turnkey are top notch! If you’re wanting to build, go check them out, you won’t be disappointed!

Ashley Cates

We are complete and every step has been fun, positive, and perfectly wonderfull! I could not have been happier with the professionalism combined with such care and concern for our needs and wants. I can’t wait to invite them in to share in our joy with the finished product – our beautiful, new home!!!
Kathe Seevers Moser