At Turnkey, we have experience working on bigger projects such as Building Barndominiums and Custom Home Building too. Our team of skilled professionals is here to help you create a home that fits your family and your lifestyle. We understand that a whole-home remodel is a big project, and we’ll do our best to make it as fun and stress-free as possible, so that you can come home to a house you love.

Here we are excited to share a Whole Home Remodel we completed for your neighbors in Huntsville.

Exterior of Home Remodel in Huntsville

Take a tour through this new home.  We begin enjoying the spaciousness of an open floor plan for the living and kitchen environment in addition to the stair case leading to the second floor.

Huntsville Home Remodel with Open Floor Plan and Stairs leading to second floor

Here we get a close up to the newly remodeled kitchen.

Huntsville Home Remodel with new Kitchen

Of course we enjoy sharing the finished home remodel.  Many times it is hard to appreciate the work that went into making this dream home for our clients.  The outside needed to be ripped open, as well as the foyer area near the stairs.  And the living area leading to the kitchen is completely unrecognizable.

During Home Remodel with side of exterior exposed
During Home Remodel with Foyer gutted
During Home Remodel with Living and Kitchen area gutted

You can see such a difference once the remodeling was completed.  Next we look from the kitchen to the living room and the entrance on the right, which leads to the staircase.

Home Remodel with kitchen leading living area and front door

The first bedroom is at the end of the hallway leading from the front door.  We turn around to see the entire spacious room and closet.

First bedroom of Home Remodel in Huntsville
First bedroom with closet
The second bedroom is as spacious as the first bedroom along with the closet seen towards the window.
Second bedroom of Home Remodel in Huntsville
Second bedroom with closet

The master bedroom has plenty of storage space.

Master bedroom remodel has plenty of storage space
Master bedroom remodel with large walk in closet

Unlike the other bedrooms, the master bedroom has a large walk in closet.

The master bathroom has plenty of space for both to enjoy.

Master bathroom remodel for vanity
Master bathroom remodel for shower

There is a fourth bedroom for even more quest space as well as additional bathrooms for this whole home remodel.

Home Remodel with fourth bedroom
Home Remodel with additional guest bathroom

A large office space with plenty of shelving was built.

Home Remodel with large office space

Whether it is the start or end of the day, we at Turnkey are so grateful to be able to have remodeled a place where the owners can call it home for many years to come.

Living Room for Home Remodel in Huntsville

Turnkey looks forward to meeting with you to make your Home Remodeling dreams come true.